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The 49ers have placed ILB Patrick Willis on injured reserve with a toe injury, effectively ending his season. Willis has been out since Week 6, and found out that he needs surgery to fully repair the toe. Rookie Chris Borland, who has been doing a great job so far, will fill in. The Niners have to be disappointed and with Bowman nowhere near return yet the Niners defense will not be getting that extra help they thought they would in the end. Can they still make the playoffs?
theyre done no one is coming to save them this time
No way they make the playoffs unless they beat the seahawks twice and that just ain't going to happen.
Man the niners defense is still crazy! 5 ints today wow. Borland was a steal this draft
Well now that the cardinals have to start Stanton they might implode
@TheAdrenaline @DanteL Yeah hard to see the Niners recovering from this one, especially since Bowman isn't 100%
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