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playing so guys what I like to do is research alot of thinks an what I found was that original trucks aren't made for longboards they were actually made for scooters but the scooters didn't sale good an they stopped making them, original bought the lease of the truck an did nothing to them they just put them on boards the king pin is loose, the hanger isn't as straight as actual long board trucks, if you wanted to adjust the resistance in your truck you would need special risers because the bottom of the truck would push against your board an mess it up
I can see why they're made for scooters, they're pretty horrible
@MichaelNieves check your sabre post
If you're only cruising on mostly flat ground, they're pretty good. They have a a mean carve. If you're hitting a few slopes or speedy riding, then good luck staying on your board.
original trucks get speed wobbles at 15mph, no joke. terrible design, only good for carving.