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I've been trying out crankbaits and rattle traps as the weather cools down even more for some good fishing, but I want to try out more lure types before the season really ends. What else should I try, and on what kind of conditions? I fish farm ponds the most but on weekends I do have time to go check other sorts of waters out so any tips would be greatly appreciated.
@fallingwater you're gonna have to give us some more details if you want us to help,ha!
I like to help out when I can. lots of people taught me what I know, especially my old man, I feel like thats what he would want, pass on what I can.
@JustinRussell Cool, thanks :) you're always so helpful!!
@fallingwater id stick with a small hook. big worm. 8lb line no leader. switch with some leeches. big bass are finicky, wanna stay easily hidden.
@yakwithalan @JustinRussell Sorry guys didn't check my comments well. I'm going after bass mostly but I realy just wanna catch something that will fight a bit. Nothing has really worked that well but I have tried a few different crank baits and yeah a few jigs....
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