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As I've mentioned I sometimes fish some heavy leaf coverage, especially right now as the last of the leaves come down. I'm gonna try to use some 40# braid cause a friend recommended it~! But my question in when I make this switch to heavy (?), am I gonna need to use a leader? Mono or fuoro I guess? I worry about spooking the bass. Any advice on leaders, brands, etc. you guys could provide would be greatly appreciated.
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@mcgraffy even with fishing walleye and pike I use 15lb with a 15lb steel leader just for the teeth and ive brought in 3ft+ pike w/o breaking.
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@JustinRussell yeah based on that @fallingwater I really don't think you need to be worried
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If you were out in Cali or something I might recommend going to 15#, but I don't think you need to
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@JustinRussell @yakwithalan Thanks everyone!!!!
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@mcgraffy You too :)
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