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Iggy Azalea Releases 'IGGY SZN'
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Okay, this is coming from an Iggy fan - what on earth is this song? The beat is fine but the lyrics are actually making me cringe. Here are some sample lyrics for you: - Bad bitches scream, yaaaaas - I look like a fantasy, your wifey mad at me Just cause hubby is a fan of me, you understandin' me? - Down payment for a car, I dropped that on a Birkin You don’t sit in VIP ’cause you ain’t no important person - Money wrapped around my mind like a turban Honestly, after Nicki Minaj called Iggy out for using ghost writers, I was expecting her to come out with some killer track with awesome lyrics...and we get this instead. I don't want Iggy to be a one and a half hit wonder, so I hope this is just a random rough patch on her way to something much better.
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