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My uncle is a power fisherman: he always uses a square bill and pitches around structures, but recently he hasn't been getting big bites there. Instead we're all getting better luck in the weeds and weed lines. How do you guys approach fishing a weed line? We've been coming up with some techniques, but I wanna know what you all do so we can try out some more! Weeds all gonna be dying off soon, but I'd like some opinions anyways.
a floating worm or fluke will work a lipless crank bait will too, Buzz baits are really good on cloudy days
I like to use a top water frog lure/real frog if im quick enough to snag one, but you can do it with pretty much anything. hook and bobber if there is a hole in the weeds, red eye shad / rapala if I can cast a good distance past, than when I get close to the weed pull up towards top water and try to rip it through the air for minimum weed removal
@JustinRussell What lures/techniques do you use when you do that?
I cast past the line. just deal with the weeds after I reel in.