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I've been trying to work a buzzbait after @mcgraffy told me more about them a week or two ago. I am doing OK; I got 2 short strikes right away so I added a trailer hook and it still happened. I changed colors same result. I changed retrieval speed same thing. I caught 1 fish but had about 12 short strikes! What's going on?
I would try to slow your retrieve down alittle. if that doesn't help. try pitching a brush hog or something back in where he striked. I always keep one ready when I fish tournements. 90 percent of the time I can flip it back where the strike was and catch the fish.
@JustinRussell Gonna agree here! @fallingwater It's not so much about patience or getting the right leader as casting it right. With buzzbaits you gotta hve the right action so keep the pace moving and have it going from the start
I dont think we get as many short strikes as we think. A lot of times I think that we dont wait long enough for the fish to fully engulf it. id lose the trailer hook. they never do me any good. make sure you just remember the basics. dont go for a homerun cast, you want a line drive and right before the buzz hits the water you want to be reeling in, as fish will already be checking out. also steer with the rod tip, towards cover where the hawgs lie. @fallingwater @yakwithalan
@mcgraffy @JustinRussell You guys got any tips for her this time?