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I'm trying to learn more and more about how to use all different types of lures so bear with me. I was just curious how you guys work your spinner baits, and were and when are good times to use them?
I like using them in the spring when the water starts warming up a bit and depending on what food is around for them to eat is the color I choose and depending on how much water I want to move with the blades is how I choose between a willow leaf or Colorado blade and there is several other kinds but I don't get that crazy about it. If your throwing into reeds or grass I would use some 30plus braid and a 1/2oz or more to push things aside easier you will be surprised on how weed less they are. If your rolling over rocks and hard bottom i use floracarbon line size is up to you and the fish size and change size of the oz if I want that slower fall bite.I like using them in stained water and days with some chop on the water cause in my case I don't have alot of bait fish beside bluegill in the waters I fish alot so I like to get the reaction strike off them. I also bump it off the bottom in rocks like a bladebait to imitate a crawfish or bluegill picking at the rocks. I myself am always learning new times and place to throw one but this would have to be my favorite way and time. Don't for get its a short strike bait alot of the time and a trailer or trailer hook helps me get them latching on a bit more. Hope it helps @fallingwater.
Whoops, try it @fallingwater!
@eklamt I'd stress the point about not worrying too much about weeds. And, my favorite way is to bump on the bottom, I think, though I chance it up, too. Try what he said @eklamt!