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Holiday Inn Macao Cotai Central

Featuring modern Asian-inspired accommodations housed in a 38-floor tower on the lively Cotai Strip is the Holiday Inn Macao Cotai Central. It features an outdoor pool, health club and tranquil gardens. It is at the heart of Sands® Cotai Central, Macao's integrated resort featuring a variety of leisure, shopping and entertainment options. Bright, air-conditioned rooms with its floor-to-ceiling windows come equipped with a flat-screen TV and desk. The private bathroom has a shower, bathtub and free toiletries. The health club is fully equipped with a fitness center, hot tub and sauna. Guests can also enjoy yoga and Pilates lessons. Activities for children are also available. The Pool Cafe overlooks the Cotai Strip from its terrace seating and has a selection of beverages and an international menu. Afternoon tea and refreshments are served at the Lobby Lounge. Macau International Airport is a 5-minute drive away, while Macau Taipa Ferry Terminal is less than a 10-minute drive from the hotel.
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Best Hotels in Palampur
Palampur in Himachal Pradesh is one of the unique scenic beauty you will find. It is rich in trekking, cycling, and soul releasing. It has a beautiful atmosphere and a pleasant temperature at almost all times. It is a very peaceful and calming point and has a very happy mysterious vibe. If you are searching for a place where you can find calmness or want to go for some venture, in both the cases Palampur is for you. Although Palampur is a small town, it has some of the best hotels in the area. Let's take a look at all the Best Hotels in Palampur: Araiya Palampur: A modern-day furnished and designed hotel which has a very mysterious view. No matter you are visiting with family, friends, or for business, Araiya has something to give for everyone. It's a majestic hotel with facilities like a spa, indoor games, trekking in its tea gardens, landscapes, and spacious and luxurious rooms for all. Araiya is a real virtue and is recommended as one of the best hotels in Palampur. It has various dining rooms, including roof dining. Also, it has conference rooms for business meetings. If you want to experience leisure at its best, Araiya is just what you need. Hotel Highland Regency: Their arriving page reads, "you are in the right place." And if you are searching for a budget-friendly stay in Palampur with luxury, then this is it, it's the most desirable place for you. It is recognised as one of the best hotels in Palampur. It has 21 spacious and luxurious rooms and is located in the most convenient location in the city. You will find large windows in every bedroom so that the majestic landscape of the White Mountains sunrise never gets interrupted. Hotel Raj Garden: This is also one of the budget-friendly hotels and at a very convenient place in Palampur, Himachal Pradesh. The hotel has super luxurious and deluxe rooms. All the 12 rooms have identifying interior to add more and experience and colours and to your journey. There is also the provision of a smoking room in the hotel. You will get daily room services, wake up calls, spacious bathrooms, wardrobe, and everything that will help you to go on easily.
Palampur: Beautiful Holiday Destination
Palampur- one of the most beautiful and staggering hill stations placed in Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh, 35 km from Dharamsala. The name Palampur originated from word palum indicating ‘abundant water’. The region has various streams and brooks and the water bodies are a huge advantage for the tea plantations. The Palampur Tea Cooperative industry, about 1.5 km south of the bus station on the Kangra road, gift a 20-minute tour taking you through the tea making process, is a major attraction here. In addition to its tea plantations, Palampur also offers tourists an opportunity to practice some adventure sports, serving as the starting point for various treks including to Dharamsala and Kangra. The famous Baijnath-Manali trek crosses through the town. Summers (between May and October) are the best time to hike in Palampur. However, the rainy period may trouble us as there are chances of slips. Greenery places that can mesmerise anyone’s mind towards the delightful nature: 1. Baijnath Shiva Temple 2. Saurabh Van Vihar 3. Tashi Jong Buddhist Monastery 4. Birni Devi Temple Located 35 km from Palampur, Bir is a famous centre for paragliding activities and along with Billing that serves as the arrival spot, is connected to as the ‘Paragliding capital of India’. After being founded by Dr Jameson, who introduced tea plantations in the hill station, the tea provided in the town of Palampur achieved international attention and should be bought by the travellers. They must not miss the Tibetan handicrafts, carpets, and wooden handicrafts made here. And while you’re shopping, try out Jhol, a popular local beverage made of rice water. Having some of the highest deodar trees in the country, Palampur is the ideal summer getaway offering splendid scenes of the snow-clad Dhauladhar ranges. Places To Stay In Palampur Most hotels and cottages at affordable costs are located in Chandpur tea estate while the mid-range resorts are located in Neugal Khad. The city also has many privately-owned guesthouses that offer budget stay or you can prefer to stay in heritage hotels that provide luxury accommodation. Top hotels in Palampur were investing money will not be worth: 1. Araiya Palampur 2. RS Sarovar Portico 3.WelcomHeritage Taragarh Palace 4. The Bliss Palampur 5. Norwood Green 6. Seclude Palampur – Himachal Pradesh 7. Hotel The Woodz 8. The Citadel Resorts, Jiya 9. Pushpangan Menage 10. Hotel Ashiana Palampur BEST PLACES TO EAT IN PALAMPUR The Chinese delicacy served in the many small restaurants around the city is extremely famous. Araiya Palampur serves Indian and Continental food. Also, the street stalls serve you with tasty parathas, pakoras, and chaat. Hotels are connected to restaurants that also serve multi-cuisine delicacies. If you are visiting Palampur don’t forget to try the bamboo pickle a tasty local delicacy. Here are some of the best restaurants in Palampur to enjoy your tongue as well as the mind: 1. Cliffy’s Cafe 2. Cloud 7 3. Red Cafe 4. Frozen Moon Cafe 5. Srinangli Sweets 6. Pizzeria 7. Hub New York 8. The Coy’s Cafe 9. Rockstar Grillers
아이돌 리더의 표본으로 불리는 멤버
은 바로.. 쥬얼리 박정아 무명시절 일본가서 말도 안 통하고 차별 당하고 개고생하면서 버스킹하는데 본인만 총대매고 고생하는거 짜증날법도한데 길거리에 JEWELRY 써있는 보석집 간판 보더니 여기(일본)서 내가 잘해서 우리 멤버들도 무대 많이 설 수 있는 기회 만들어 주고싶다고 멤버들 생각에 펑펑 움 이날 리더라서 겪는 고충에 대해 이야기를 나누던 중 박정아는 “그때 당시에는 의상도 다 제작이었는데 매번 똑같은 옷을 입고 무대에 오르는 게 싫었다. 멤버들도 예쁜옷을 입고 싶어했다”며 “내 돈은 안 받을 테니 의상을 제작해달라”고 회사에 선언한 적이 있었다는 사실을 전했다. 이어 “매니저가 차 사고가 났으면 박봉인 매니저가 감당하기 힘든 수리비를 생각해 행사비로 매니저를 도와주기도 했다”고 전해 눈길을 끌었다. 장대성 프로듀서는 “쥬얼리의 성공으로 소속사 스타제국이 번창하자 박정아는 자신과 같은 어려운 상황의 후배들을 위해 좋은 환경을 만들어주고 싶다면서 대표님께 직접 건의해 연습실은 물론 후배들과 연습생 아이들이 눈치를 안 보고 밥을 먹을 수 있는 사내식당을 만들어 달라고 했다”고 전해 눈길을 끌었다. 또한 장대성 프로듀서는 “국내 엔터테인먼트 회사 최초로 큰길에서 들어오는 회사 1층 입구에 떡하니 식당을 만들어 놨다”고 덧붙여 훈훈함을 더했다. ▶이= (박)정아 누나가 큰 힘이 됐다. 아무리 혼자 힘들 때더라도 정아 누나가 있으니까 조금만 더 참고 해야겠다는 생각을 했다. 정아 누나 할머니께서 밥도 해주시고 진짜 가족처럼 챙겨주셨다. 나중에 제가 제작자가 된다면 제일 먼저 누나를 챙겨주고 싶다. 해체 후에도 박정아의 고난길은 계속 되는데...ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 서인영이 한 방송에 나와서 "서인영이 멤버들을 괴롭혔다"는 질문에 무슨소리냐 내가 왕따였다 라는식으로 말하고 마침 티아라 논란과 맞물렸던 시점이었던터라 엄청나게 논란이 됨 남은 멤버들이 욕을 바가지로 먹자 빡친 조민아가 트위터에 글을쓰고 디스패치와 인터뷰도 함 "뭔소리냐 내가 왕따였다" 난리나서 수습 안되는 와중에 박정아는 토크쇼에 출연하게되고 "리더로서 내가 제대로 아이들이 힘든점을 파악하지 못했다. 불만이 있을때 모든걸 풀고 털어놓을수있게 해줬어야했는데 내가 성격이 리더로서 부족해서 한쪽의 힘든점을 듣고 이해해주고, 또 다른멤버도 이해해주고 그렇게하면 될줄알았다. 모든게 자신 잘못" 이라고 울면서 이야기하고 지금이라도 동생들의 마음을 알고 리더로서 몫을 하고싶다고 말함 얼마나 동생들이 믿고 따르는지는 결혼식 사진만 봐도 알 수 있을정도 뿔뿔히 흩어져있는 쥬얼리 전멤버 모으기 1기 전은진 정유미 박정아 이지현 2기 박정아 이지현 조민아 서인영 3기 박정아 서인영 김은정 하주연 4기 김은정 하주연 김예원 박세미 유일하게 모든멤버가 다 모인게 3번 있는데 1. 박정아 결혼식 단체축가 2. 박정아 신혼집 집들이 3. 박정아 뮤지컬 첫공 출처 : 더쿠 크 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 이게 진정한 리더의 바이블 아닙니까아 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 누구랑은 좀 비교가 되네용... 긁적 ^^7 나중에 리더쉽이나 인간관계에 대한 책내도 되실듯 존멋!! 쫀멋!!!
3 quán trà truyền thống ở Kyoto bạn không nên bỏ lỡ
Ghé đến những quán trà truyền thống ở Kyoto bạn sẽ được tìm hiểu về một nét đẹp văn hóa độc đáo của Nhật Bản. Bạn sẽ được thưởng thức nhiều hương vị trà ngon, theo phong cách riêng và trong không gian vô cùng ấn tượng. Một phần văn hóa truyền thống của Nhật Bản sẽ được tìm thấy tại những quán trà truyền thống ở Kyoto như: Kagizen Yoshifusa, Kasagiya Tea House, Ippodo Tea House,… Điều đó không chỉ được tìm thấy trong không gian ấm cúng, mà còn hấp dẫn ở hương vị trà, phong cách thưởng thức trà,… Vì thế, đừng bỏ lỡ những địa điểm này để cảm nhận được nét đẹp văn hóa nhé! >>> eva air booking 1. Kagizen Yoshifusa Kagizen Yoshifusa nằm ngay khu vực trung tâm của thành phố và được biết đến là một quán trà truyền thống ngọt ngào hấp dẫn. Quán trà này được thiết kế nhỏ nhắn, bao quanh bởi một khu vườn nhỏ, yên tĩnh và cực kỳ dễ chịu. Đến với Kagizen Yoshifusa, bạn sẽ được tùy ý lựa chọn cho mình hàng tá món trà hấp dẫn, bao gồm cả thực đơn địa phương và tiếng Anh. Bạn sẽ được thưởng thức trà trong không gian rộng rãi, thoáng mát và dễ chịu. Kagizen Yoshifusa là một quán trà truyền thống nổi tiếng ở Kyoto mà bạn không nên bỏ lỡ 2. Kasagiya Tea House Một trong những quán trà truyền thống ở Kyoto cực kỳ được lòng du khách thập phương đó chính là Kasagiya Tea House. Sở hữu một không gian nhỏ nhắn, xinh xắn và ấm áp, Kasagiya Tea House trở thành điểm hẹn của nhiều du khách thập phương. Bạn sẽ được thưởng thức nhiều hương vị trà cổ xưa của Nhật Bản, cùng với đó là nhiều loại bánh ngọt, đồ uống hấp dẫn khác. Kasagiya Tea House là nơi chuyên phục vụ các loại trà cổ xưa, hấp dẫn 3. Ippodo Tea House Ippodo Tea House là một quán trà nằm ngày trung tâm thành phố. Đây là một điểm đến yêu thích của nhiều người dân địa phương cũng như du khách. Tại Ippodo Tea House bạn sẽ được thưởng thức nhiều loại trà đúng phong cách Nhật Bản. Đặc biệt đó chính là khu vực matcha, sencha thoáng mát với nhiều phong cách ấn tượng. Ippodo Tea House là một trong số những quán trà truyền thống được yêu thích nhất tại thành phố Kyoto mà bạn không nên bỏ lỡ Nếu bạn muốn tìm hiểu văn hóa Nhật Bản, ngoài những quán trà này thì bạn cũng có thể đến các khu phố cổ, bảo tàng, đài tưởng niệm,… Đặc biệt, nếu muốn đặt vé máy bay đi Kyoto giá rẻ, bạn hãy liên hệ thật sớm đến Đại lý EVA Air để được các nhân viên tư vấn và hỗ trợ nhanh chóng.
10 Best Things to do in Turkey
Turkey is a destination that is enormously bestowed with all! People are drawn to as much for its magnificent beaches, towering mountains and Mediterranean vibe as they are for its striking cities, ancient landmarks and inspiring culture and heritage. But if you find it all overwhelming or don’t know what to include in your travel program, here is our run down of top things to do in Turkey. 1. Discover Istanbul Start your Turkey holiday at Istanbul! It’s the country’s both largest and the most unique city as it’s spread over two different continents;one side of the city is in Asia and the other in Europe. The two sides are separated by a 30 kilometer long waterway (known as the Bosphorus strait) which links the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. But that’s all about its distinct geographical features. The city is more than that; relish its historical past in every direction, being the city once the capital of four prominent empires (the Byzantine, the Roman, the Ottoman and the Latin empires). Add to this its mix of striking monuments, museums, and colorful bazaars. Must-experiences include: Hagia Sophia: Take any list of Turkey attractions; this imposing age-old structure tops the list. Dating back to the 6th century, it was first a church, later a mosque, and now an amazing museum. Topkapi Palace Museum: This 15th century palace stands as a glorious illustration of the lavish Islamic art and architecture in the region. Grand Bazaar: This colossal traditional shopping centre is fully covered and is considered the first shopping mall in the world. In fact, it’s one of the ultimate places for shopping in the country. Blue Mosque: Officially known as Sultan Ahmed Mosque, it has remained the city’s main attraction since 16th century, thanks to the thousands of Iznik or blue tiles that grace the interiors of this intricately designed mosque. Basilica Cistern: This represents the biggest surviving Byzantine cistern in the region. The palatial style underground hall comprises over 330 columns; interestingly they were used to store the water supply. Istanbul Archaeology Museum: The massive museum complex holds three unique museums; they together have on display a vast collection of arts and artifacts from both Turkey and all over the world. 2. Travel to Bodrum Placed on the country’s western coast and encompassing a vast part of the Aegean Coast, the marvelous Bodrum Peninsula is frequented for its unique European feel. It’s hard to digest that this vibrant tourist spot was just a cluster of sleepy hamlets a few decades ago. But this coastal destination is now for all; so it doesn’t matter you’re here for a laid-back romantic retreat, good food, or even for partying. It has everything by truck load. Take a boat cruise along its unspoiled turquoise waters and take in the stunning bays, coves and beaches that dot the Turkish coastline. You can take to its hill to see the age-old windmills and further tour its main attractions such as Bodrum Castle, Bodrum Amphitheater (dating back to 4th century BC), Zeki Muren Arts Museum, and Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology. 3. Enjoy a dip in Pamukkale’s Hot Water Springs Visiting this ancient spa town and taking a dip in its thermal pools is a must-do for anyone on their Turkey holiday. With its dreamlike landscape complemented by mineral enriched forests, frozen waterfalls, and a vast network of terraced basin, Pamukkale forms a phenomenal sight and is a UNESCO listed heritage site! It is rightly called the Cotton Castle mainly due to its white terraces that resemble the cotton plantations found in the central part of the country. So be sure to enjoy a swim in its terraced pool containing therapeutic milk-like mineral waters. It’s unmissable as it gives you an illusion of spending time in a snow-covered hill. There are a total of 17 pools and the temperature of water ranges from 35 degree Celsius to 100 degree Celsius. Located in Denizli Province, a trip to Pamukkale also lets you experience the ancient Hierapolis remnants. 4. Hot Air Balloon Ride over Cappadocia When one thinks about a hot air balloon ride, Cappadocia is undoubtedly the first destination that comes into the mind. So make sure that you include this iconic experience in your travel program. Now if you wonder what makes it so special, this is because it gives you the chance to soar and float above an otherworldly vibrant landscape carpeted all over with the magical fairy chimneys (limestone formation) and lush vineyards. You can try this any season, but expect to take in a totally distinct view in every ride, from the snow-covered rock formations in the winter to the multitude of colorful flowers in the spring time. 5. Explore the Underground City of Derinkuyu Did you know that this antiquated underground city once used to host over 20,000 people? Engraved into a volcanic rock, it’s found in the Cappadocia area and is the deepest of all cave cities in the region. Fascinatingly, it’s thought to have been excavated as early as Hittites era in 1200 BC and served as the region’s most significant defense structure till the 13th century. So get ready to lose in time as you tread theintricate network of corridors, passages, ventilation shafts, meeting halls, communal spaces, and water wells, which encompass this multilevel cave city with eight floors. 6. Journey back in time at Ephesus Follow the footsteps of ancient Roman and Greek soldiers as you stroll around this spectacular city that was developed as early as the 10 century BC. Located in Selçuk, this used to be one of the complete European cities during the classical era and is now declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. An aura of mystery and magic will surround you as explore its prehistoric Greek writings, meticulously sculpted age-old pillars, terraced houses (probably of 1st Century BC), and many other intriguing ruins including the Library of Celsus and the Amphitheater. 7. Stay in a Cave Hotel Don’t miss this! It is something unique to Turkey, and a stay in one of its cave hotels, particularly in the towns of Göreme and Uçhisar, is unexpectedly lavish, rustic, tranquil, historic and mindblowing. If you don’t know how to choose one, take a look at some of our top suggestions. With over 30 cave rooms and suites, Museum Hotel Cappadocia is ideal for those seeking a luxurious hideout in the lap of nature. For traditional Turkish comforts, choose Ottoman Cave Suites. If it’s a historic venue that lifts and invigorates you, a stay in Kayakapi Premium Caves is unbeatable. There are more options by way of Fresco Cave Suites and Mansions, Sultan Cave Suites, Cappadocia Cave Suites, and Aren Cave Hotel. 8. Go on a food tour and join a Turkish Culinary Course We’ve added this especially for our foodie readers! Turkish cuisines are famed all over for its scrumptious diversity influenced by many cultures and cuisines, predominantly the European and Middle Eastern flavors. In fact, it’s well worth a trip to Turkey for its culinary delights alone. You can take a food tour and further choose to sign up for a cooking class which introduces you to some authentic Turkish delights, ingredients and recipes. This surely makes a wonderful and everlasting keepsake of your holidays in Turkey. 9. Visit the ancient town of Hasankeyf Before it Submerges This is a 12,000 year old city, lying in the country’s southeastern part, along the banks of the Tigris River. Al though well preserved, this ancient town is slowly disappearing due to the rising level of water from the colossal hydroelectric Ilisu Dam. So make it a point to travel to this charming, endangered spot before it completely submerges. After all, it is probably one of the world’s oldest continually inhabited settlements. Hundreds of medieval monuments, several natural caves, and its marvelous old world vibe – all combine to promise you an appealing getaway far from the rest of the country. 10. See the Eternal Flaming Rocks of the Chimera This is an eerily charming natural wonder that can be seen up in the rocky mountain of southwestern Turkey, close to the town of Çıralı, in Antalya Province. Locally known as Yanartas, these eternal flames have been burning continuously for over 2500 years. The relevant studies reveal that this rare phenomenon is fed by abiotic methane; the flames seep to the earth’s surface as a result of the chemical reactions between the region’s rocks and the water deep beneath the ground. But the region’s legend has it that this flame is due to the fire-spitting Chimera, a ghastly mythical creature with the body parts of several animals. You can easily reach this spot with a pleasant three kilometer long hike up to the mountain. Conclusion So from our top ten above picks, what would you like to add on your Turkey bucketlist? Whether you pick just one or two or even all, they all promise you an unforgettable holiday accompanied by the most treasured moments. So start your Turkey holiday planning right away; obtain your Turkey visa, get your Turkey accommodation ready in advance and finally set out for a getaway like no other.