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Here's an awesome guide from Men's Fitness for how to attack Thanksgiving week. Start this out on the 23rd to survive the holidays and not feel bad about taking thirds (or fourths) of everything. SUNDAY Treadmill at moderate pace for an hour (depending on your style you can switch up the speeds) Lift some weights for 15 minutes. Don't drink any calorie-heavy drinks today, try just water. - Calories burned/saved: 668. MONDAY Have a protein-heavy breakfast and then jump rope for 15 minutes. Later, get outside and go jogging for a half hour. - Calories burned: 531. TUESDAY Try boxing (be it in a class or watching a video at home) for 30-minutes. Grill a chicken breast with a bit of barbecue sauce and eat it with some steamed veggies. Calories burned/saved: 1,443. WEDNESDAY Ride your bike for an hour (outside or at the gym), then start getting ready for the big day. Calories burned: 796. THANKSGIVING DAY Before you eat yourself into a turkey coma, do five minutes of jumping jacks, and take a walk outside. Calories burned: 197. FRIDAY After scarfing down leftovers, rally your buddies and family for a friendly game of flag football. Calories burned: 653. Total calories saved/burned: 4,288.
I'm more of a post-Thanksgiving workout girl :)
I'm glad that we aren't going to pretend not to scarf down the leftovers :)
adding 100 pushups per day to this... they rev up ur digestive system
I love that idea for Friday after Thanksgiving!