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From Halloween to New Years, we are trapped in a string of holidays that will fill us with delicious food, so here is how to attack those holidays without gaining that nasty winter weight! 1. Keep It Clean Clean up your diet. Go for natural, minimally processed ingredients. Opt for natural whole foods with ingredients you can pronounce! Cleaning up your diet for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving will help you feel your best and indulge freely once the big day rolls around. 2. Take Advantage of the Morning Instead of using all those excuses after work or class, start your day off on a healthy high note with a workout. Not a morning person? Here are some morning workout tips and tricks that can make everyone's experience even easier: 3. Stay Hydrated Staying hydrated through the cooler months can suppress your appetite, keep your skin looking gorgeous, and even boost your metabolism. To double the detoxifying power of your glass, try these even better water additions: 4. Eat Seasonal and Filling Foods Eating seasonally is an amazing way to support your body's health. Start incorporating these Fall weight-loss foods like apples, brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes into your diet. 5. Back Off Booze Alcohol is full of empty calories and tons of sugar. Keep the booze to a minimum, and opt for an all-natural mocktail until the holidays roll around. 6. Get to Bed Aim for at least seven hours of sleep every night, and maintain an environment that is between 60 and 68°F in your bedroom for the best quality sleep possible. This way, you'll show up at home feeling refreshed and ready to connect with your loved ones.
These are awesome tips year around :)
It begins... I'm going to try all of these this week!
I'm starting 1, 2, & 5 right now!!!
These are great tips, especially about eating clean beforehand. Thanks @Nisfit!