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You read that correctly! Keep reading to learn how you can connect with those you love and those you choose to share your life with. Since the holidays are filled with too many reasons to go bankrupt, I wanted to show a smart and fun way to connect with dear family and friends for Thanksgiving: 1. Choose 10 people you want to reach out to. 2. Go through your stationary and grab 10 blank cards and envelopes. If you have none, no problem. (Below is a list of resources.) 3. Get to Target to find #cheapandchic turkey stickers made of craft paper with crazy eyes. Of course, be the master of your own style. A sheet of stickers just keeps costs low. 4. Write sweet endearing notes on the cards BEFORE adhering the stickers. Be sure to have the envelopes completely written out too. 5. This is the gun and easy part. Always a good idea to get your kids involved in decorating the cards with the stickers. 6. Stuff, seal and splurge on fun seasonal postage. It's totally worth it. TOTAL COST $14+ (Or less than $1.50 each) *Don't forget to actually drop them in the mail! I speak from experience. Lol Love to hear what you're doing to connect this Thanksgiving! Resources: Target USPS Paper Source
Awww thanks @marshaledgar for the consolation. If you do visit Seoul, I would love to give you a list of place to visit!
I'd love to visit Seoul! I'd love to do a bit of globe trotting. lol. @cindystran, if it's any consolation, there isn't a Wal-Mart for miles, which is the only place to get #xogwine. Target is easy to miss, however.
@marshalledgar Seoul. Target is the best super store ever and I miss it. We do have other shops here but it's not the same.
Hey there @alohajpark and @cindystran. I love to send greeting cards too. I just cringe at the cost when most of the cards I like to send are $4-7 each! Since recipients are not comparing cards, I keep the design identical using blank cards and stickers... Where are you that there's no Target?
Aww thanks for tagging me @AlohaJPark. I really like this! Too bad I don't have a target nearby where I live, but I'm sure my family would appreciate a handmade card. :)
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