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One of my first mistakes when I started longboarding was not learning how to stop. I went down a hill and ate it when I decided to jump off because I didn't know how to properly footbrake, and I was going faster than I could run. Just like driving a car, we have to know how to stop and go. Stopping and going are synonymous when it comes to longboarding. A skateboarding instructor told me that our footbraking skill needs to be at a level where we can be comfortable doing it at any speed. One of the most common mistakes is putting weight on your braking foot rather than your front balance foot, which can cause your braking foot to skip rather than glide. Anyway, here is a video of different types of ways to stop. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment!
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@dakotafalcon I'm on the same page as you, man. I tore up my gloves already. Just ordered new leather gloves from a friend who works for Paris!
ya I only know how to use the foot break
@DakotaFalcon that's good though! Some people skip right over footbraking. Like me. Lol. I had to work on it a lot after busting my arse. Now I'm comfortable! :)
ya I never had gloves until noew
I wish they weren't so expensive!