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I've been mentally putting together a complete I want to put together I've been eyeing Orangatang Stimulus 70mm 86a Wheels and the Landyachtz Grizzly Generation 5 Trucks. Any suggestion on what kind of bored? I haven't found one that I'm dying to have yet. but I do want it to be versatile between free riding and bombing hills
@BlakeGardiner no no no no. Otangs are not good for learning to slide, these wheels are ok, and cannies are a great DH wheel but only good for sliding when lathed or broken in a TON. Vandal is a good choice, javelin not so much.@IanRichardson tesseracts are ok, but not the best for new guys. @MichaelNieves get the cloud rides, way better than stims. Purple cloud ride slides are so fun. @TaylorWhite get 44 degree caliber 2 trucks, bear grizzlys suck in my opinion, cals will last longer and are more stable at speed. Board wise, the omen sugar or barfight, rayne gmack, original vecter 37 or omen airship will fit your needs. Good luck and don't get stims
Cool, I'll take all of that in consideration. I'll be looking up on all of these new choices. Thanks everyone!
Look up Plasma wheels on the Adrenalina web page. you can get square lipped, or round lipped, or even A symmetrical. I think these are my next slide wheels
If you're going for downhill and freeride I definitely do not recommend 86a otangs. I've been using the these KRF for downhill/freeride in the 78a duro without problems at low speed, I'd say try out the 80a version. Or if you're new into longboarding 78a cannibals are VERY slidey when you kick them out. Deck wise the Wester vandal or the fortune v2 are rad or the s9 javelin
If money isn't that big of an issue id recommend any of the tesseracts
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