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how long should my Pintail board be
so I have a sorta small sector 9 Pintail and I want a new one but I always get speed wobble so how long should my next one be?? and I'd prefer a Pintail board and a sector 9 or an arbor board please help
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Idk much about pintails really sorry man
3 years ago·Reply
It's all good but thanks for tryin to help
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I had a 46inch arbor pintail. I didn't get any massive woobles, just a few light ones. Now a days, I'm mostly riding 40 inch drop through boards. I find they are much better than pintails when it comes to woobles.
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Sometimes when we get nervous, it translates through our ankles in the form of speed wobbles. Maybe look into your setup, as well.
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If you are into speed you may want think about something different. I have a 46 in arbor and its great for cruising, but i much prefer my dropthrough for carving hills. Being closer to the ground just feels nice.
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