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You know those awesome statues all over the world that are composed of simple words yet create such a large effect? Take the 'I amsterdam' in the Netherlands or the simple 'Love' statue in New York City that tourists gather around for a picture spree! Well, Seoul, South Korea has joined the trend by creating a lovely new statue of its own, 'Seoul, My [ ],' and the super awesome thing about this one is that it's interactive--you get to fill in the blank yourself! Starting on November 12 and ending on November 23, the city of Seoul will be hosting a fun photo and free T-shirt event! People in the city can head over to the statue, print out a free T-shirt after figuring out what Seoul means to them, and pose there for a picture wearing this awesome new T-shirt. But what about those who cannot come in person to be part of this awesome event yet have a special place for Seoul in their hearts? RunatSeoul on Vingle wants you to let Seoul know what Seoul is in your hearts! So here is what we will do: 1) Give a 6 month DramaFever subscription to 1 lucky Vingler 2) Give a 1 month DramaFever subscription to 2 lucky Vinglers And all you need to do is: 1) Finish the 'Seoul, My [ ],' in the comments 2) Follow the RunatSeoul collection => So, what is Seoul to you? Your home? Your friend? Your dream? Whatever it is, leave it in the comment section below! Gear up your creativity and get going!
I would have to say Seoul, My Rhythm. This is a place that has changed the pace of my life with music and art. Now I work harder to achieve my dream of being there one day!
Seoul, My [Aspiration!] This is so cool I really wish I could be there for this event.
Seoul, My Second Home. I was lucky enough to study abroad in Seoul last year and it was a great experience. Thanks for sharing Seoul with the world @runatseoul :)
@ruizangelofluv @neaa @kyssmin @zukus1914 @Arissa @nenegrint14 @TheLibraOntario @pikayong Check this out!! You can win Drama Fever subscription AHHH!!!
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