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I love how two of the girls choreographed a dance in the end. Man, these girls are fearless, and know how to tear it up! I love Juan Rayos skate films. This film was so chill. P.S. @steezus it happened so quickly, but I think the girl around marker 3:02 pulls off that 1 foot stale fish grab slide.
Glad to hear that dude! Better safe than sorry. @benknopp
If you go to they have the triple 8 set of 3 pads (knee, elbow, and wrist) for $30, no shipping, no taxes. Honestly, even the pads at Walmart would be better than nothing (so long as they're hard pads). I kind of wish this November giveaway included safety gear. It always seems like the one thing ppl don't have or the last thing to be bought. :/
Looks like a fucking sweet place to board at
Health care costs more than safety gear. Injuries will also take one out of the sport for a while. @benknopp
@benknopp I'm sorry dude, I hope things get better for you and your brother.
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