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MATERIALS: - Moss, plants and/or twigs small enough to fit into your terrarium ornament - Some soil - Tweezers - Reusable glass ornament orb - A ribbon (we used one from an old gift box - A chain or string (we used an old bracelet) - (optional) Figurines to place inside your ornament STEP 1: Obtain some greenery to place inside your ornament. STEP 2: Pop the top off of your glass orb and fill it a little less than halfway with dirt. These orbs are made out of glass, not plastic, so be careful with them! STEP 3: Next, start populating your orb with plants. We used tweezers to carefully place each plant inside our orb. Make sure they aren’t too crowded together. Make sure the plants have enough moisture by sprinkling a little water on them. STEP 4: If you like, you can also pop some figurines or little toys into the mix to add even more interest. STEP 5: If the sides of your orb got a little dirty while you were filling it up, clean them with Q-tips. STEP 6: Once you’re content with the way everything on the inside of your terrarium ornament looks, pop the top on. Then attach your chain or string that you will use to hang it from your tree by threading it through the loop on top of the ornament. STEP 7: If you want to make your terrarium ornament even more festive, tie a ribbon around its chain. Last but not least, hang your new ornament from your tree where everyone can admire it!