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Korean TV dramas have been popular throughout Asia in recent years. Here are the most beloved Korean dramas from 'Winter Sonata' to 'Princess Hours.' Let's read all about Korean dramas, everything from their synopsis to the main characters and the cast. How is love in the 1970s different from love in 2012? Though the excitement and happiness of love may be the same no matter what year it is, the way people expressed and confessed their love in the 1970s may be strange to those living in the fast-paced year of 2012, but can seem all the more romantic. The drama Love Rain (Sarangbi) has set the drama world abuzz thanks to the appearance of Jang Keun-suk (the hottest star of the Korean Wave as of 2012) and Yoona of Girls’ Generation, who together help tell the story of a love that transcends two different eras. What makes the drama even more unique and entertaining are the beautiful scenes in which watercolor paintings from the 70s are juxtaposed against refined advertisement-like graphics from 2012. Combining a classic love story with a trendy modern feel, Love Rain depicts a timeless and unchanging love sure to set viewers’ hearts aflutter. <Poster courtesy of KBS>
awesome drama!! loved it.
love this drama