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I absolutely love holiday crafts, and Thanksgiving has some of my favorites! My nieces often help my little ones with projects like this one while the adults get the kitchen ready for some serious Thanksgiving eating! This one is a bit messy, so be sure you have a ton of newspaper ready for that painted foot that will inevitably touch your carpet ;) Supplies Needed: Paints (tempera or acrylic) Paint Brush Googly eyes Glue Glitter (optional) A straw Water Canvas or illustration board, poster board or even just paper! Directions: Thin your paints down with water until it is really soupy, once thinned down drip paint on your canvas and let the kids spread the paint around by blowing thru the straw. If you want glitter sprinkle it on now while the paint is still wet. Once it is dry then you can do the footprint for the turkeys body, when dry add the wiggle eyes, nose and waddle :)
I really love doing this!!! I haven't done it in years but maybe it's time for me to try again :)
Aww this is adorable. I'm clipping this!
I remember this was my favorite activity as a child. Thanks for sharing!