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Although this contains quite a bit of cutting, this is a fun craft that can be made quickly and without much of a mess. Let your kids hide these around the house and make your guests find them for a prize! (Just be sure to count the turkeys before you hide them so you don't find a forgotten one sometime past Christmas!) Paper cups Brown paint Autumn-colored construction paper Scissors Brown pom pom Googly eyes Glue Paint a paper cup brown. Turn the cup upside down and glue a pom-pom to the top of the cup for the head. Cut nine 4-inch leaf shapes from different colors of construction paper. Fold a 1-inch-square piece of orange construction paper in half; cut a triangle shape out of the folded paper for the beak. Using a 2-inch square of red paper folded in half, cut a heart shape to create the turkey's wattle. Glue the beak and wattle to the pom-pom. Add googly eyes. Glue on the “feathers.”