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I'm not one to stereotype, but let's be honest - there's a lot of overlap between fans of comics and fans of LEGOs. I am definitely one of those people! That's why I was so delighted to see this Comic Book Resources feature on comic book covers recreated brick-by-brick by LEGO artists. I'm particularly pleased by the fact that they refer to the makers as LEGO "artists." Since LEGOs are wonderful toys, many people don't realize the amount of ingenuity, artistry and engineering acumen that goes into the creation of many stunning LEGO sculptures. The pieces shown here were featured at DesignerCon in Los Angeles last weekend, but can also be found at the "Comic Bricks!" gallery ( The recreated covers include classics such as Detective Comics #27 and Adventure Comics #445, more contemporary covers from issues like The Amazing Spider-Man #700 and Invincible #63, and even Ewoks from Marvel’s old Star Comics imprint. I have to say I was most excited to see Akira and The Walking Dead covers featured, since they fit some of my particular tastes in comics. Which comics covers would you love to see rendered in LEGO?
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I'm not a huge comics fan, but I'm a huge "let's make this in Legos" fan, and this is another great example! Cool find @sanityscout :)