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This is a great opportunity to have a scavenger hunt in your yard. Who can find the biggest pinecone?! Construction paper (yellow, red) Glue Googly eyes Pipe cleaner Pinecone! Acorn caps Cut a small diamond out of yellow construction paper and fold in half to create the beak. Cut a wattle (rectangle with a heart shape at one end) out of red construction paper. Glue beak, wattle and google eyes to pinecone. Twist dark pipe cleaner around pinecone base and poke into orange. Glue fall leaves to opposite side of orange to create tail feathers. (Or trace your child's hand on two different color sheets of construction paper. Cut out and glue them together, overlapping.) Glue two acorn caps to bottom for feet.
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You are giving me all the best ideas for distracting my cousins this weekend; thanks!!!