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I applaud all of you who go out Black Friday shopping. I've only gone once and promised myself to never go again. However, there's nothing wrong with wanting to get good deals. Here are some tips for the brave citizens who will be setting foot in the stores this year: 1. Plan ahead Look at deals online (or newspaper ads if you still read them) before even heading out. Also, knowing what you want is important, that way if a flash deal happens you can take it asap. Perhaps even take notes on Google Keep to stay organized! ( 2. Compare Prices Sometimes stores advertise prices that are not worth it. Is waiting in line for 4 hours worth a $25 or $50 discount on an electronic? Your call, but at least it's good to prepare. Take advantage of websites like where you can check prices for items. Make sure you check for the lowest prices! 3. Use store mobile apps Several stores now have mobile apps where they have deals. Take advantage of this! I'll try to share some store apps here on Vingle in this Black Friday collection for you to use! 4. Follow your favorite brands and stores online If you don't have a twitter, then think about getting one. You can find out about great details more quickly when you follow your favorite brands online. For example, I not only follow Tech blogs, but also Samsung, Apple, LG, and more. Also like pages on Facebook if that is where you spend most of your social media time. 5. Wait till Cyber Monday You could also just skip the whole thing and wait for Cyber Monday deals. Online shopping is huge now, so you can shop for great deals from the comfort of your home. As long as you stay up to date and do some research.
And dont forget to hit t h e travel sites. Though airfare rarely dips, the hotels and cars tend to dtop a little.
@koffegurl Thank you so much! Great advice!
@TechAtHeart A couple of things to bear in mind...DON'T be in a hurry. If you are you will just make yourself crazy. Expect large crowds and long lines, Patience is KEY. Also, realize that you probably will not be able to get everything on your list. The stores will run out. Another thing I would do if the store was out of an advertised item, I would get a different brand and ask a manager to discount it...not down to the advertised items price, but at a comparable discount. I have NEVER been told "no". If you make a fair offer, they are likely to deal with you. And lastly...HAVE FUN!!! It's just stuff. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
@koffegurl Wow...that's so smart! I think with planning I would enjoy black friday much more
10-15 years ago, my dd and I would plan so far ahead. One year, we even traveled to Iowa from Illinois, and stayed the weekend near a fantastic outlet mall off of I-80. Got everything/everyone pretty much done in that one trip. It was also a great little get away for her and I.
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