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I am a child of the 90s. I was raised on Growing Pains and definitely watched Titanic when I was way too young. These and many other factors made me a die-hard Leonardo DiCaprio fan, and my teenage heart still loves him. Since today is Leo's birthday (He's 40! 40!!!) I thought I'd share some pictures to see how he has gone from the dorky kid on growing pains to the classy environmentalist he is today! 1970s - How cute is he?! 1989 - Starting his career with small time roles and commercials. 1991 - Cast in Growing Pains, his big break! 1993 - Staring in This Boy's Life and turning his focus to film. 1995 - Romeo & Juliet. By far one of my favorite Baz Luhrmann's and the wackiest retelling of R&J I've ever seen! 1997 - The year that changed everyone's lives. Titanic was released. 2005 - Not his best year. He was attacked at a party with a glass bottle and had to go to trial to resolve the problem. 2007 - Starred in the 11th Hour and began to work heavily in environmental affairs. 2014 - The man he is today. Happy birthday Leonardo! I hope you finally win that Oscar :)
I have great respect for him. His appearance stole heart of women, but his acting stole heart of all.
Thanks for sharing
Can I say yes to numbers 1 through 10? Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes. Done. Good.
Leo!!!!! He looks best in 1997. He's forever Jack in my eyes.