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Friends that Fish Together
Stick together! So take a buddy out fishing.
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@happyrock Hey now, you forgot me! Just joking. Can't agree with this more. Even though I tend to fish alone, my buddies and I love to meet up to talk fish.
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I take two trips a year with friends and trust me I NVR take them to my honey holes . Lol @dougjohnson Did u say something about trying double rigging ur line and doing some fishing . if so how did it go ? If I can figure out how to take a pic of my setup and send it to u I would . Very new to this and it takes me awhile to figure things out . lol
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@BrianMcNeeley Yeah lol it can be confusing at first. If you phone can take pics its pretty easy to upload it as a card so you can teach everybody! ha. I didn't get to try it out yet actually!! If you have any questions about uploading and stuff feel free to message me, I can try to help
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Very true!! My best and oldest friends were those that hit up farm ponds with me as a teenager. I won't forget those guys.
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Glad to have you all!
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