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Water Wolf Camera Savage Gear Glide Swimmer
@happyrock I think it would be helpful to find out what the bottom of the lake looks like and see if the area holds fish. But Idk if I'd pay for the camera I'd be scared to break it off and I feel like you wouldn't get as many bites with it on your line.
I love seeing the way the fish really do take the time to see whether or not it's "real" or "worth their time." Do you find it helpful to see this kind of action? @ryan88argo
Yea I might have to give it a try so I can show yall how it's done lol jk jk.
This is sick footage!!! Nice. @ryan88argo Yeah I actually got one last month too but I haven't even done more with it than play around at home. When I wanna fish, I don't want to be fiddling with it. Maybe later.
I've got a gopro but I don't even mess with it cuz I rather just enjoy fishing and not worry about it.
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