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Newbie me.

I recently had a death in the family and looking back at all the memories made with this person, i started to think about life's limits, and how those limits are set only by ourselves through fear, time, or both. As a kid i always wanted to longboard but never got to it and could never save enough for a board. Seeing death take its course in our lives, i decided no more excuses and no more wasting time...i bought my first board a couple wks ago and i want to learn all there is about longboarding and live life leaving behind thane lines and seeing these lines as a symbol of me passing all life limits to what i want to do and what i can do. What started you on your passion for longboarding or surpassing life limits?
@KTM2014 thank u for sharing ur story :) and yea my parents never agreed to get me a board and they said cuz im a girl and girls shouldnt do stuff like skate and board..haha that made me wanna longboard more! but i deff agree its therapeutic and its even better to do it with friends :)
I started skateboarding in middle school but I could never learn the tricks. it took me two years to learn how to Olie. When I was in fifth grade my life flipped upside down.. it has been right since, but the feeling of weightlessness and my feet feeling every bump and crack. I was able to escape from all of the negatives in my life. after I turned 18 I bought a longboard cuz I just never got tricks down and I just could never get enough speed on my plan-b board. Im sorry about ur loss @pangzoo10 . I have to be completely honest if it was for having these four little wheels to shred through my small farm town I wouldnt be here. Boarding saved my life.
@pangzoo10 it's not a problem. My sister wanted to learn so badly so I just taught her and gave her the board and she loves it
Welcome! And don't worry, a lot of us are newbies, in one aspect or another. And I think its great how you could use boarding to cope and surpass that hardship. Its on of the best thinks to do in my mind, because it frees you.
Agreed @GaryCampbell im soo happy to have found this community and to hear such inspiring stories..theres no negativity here and there are a lot of ppl whether good, great, or juss beginning longboarding who are all equally supportive..
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