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With the latest version of World of Warcraft out this week it seems only fitting to do an honest trailer of the game as a whole. What's funny about this to me, even though I've never even played it, it's I've also never heard of EverQuest which was apparently a nearly household name until WoW came along and blew it and Sony Online Entertainment out of the water. WoW is so well known it's basically a cultural phenomenon, and it's done a lot to shape the industry. It's one of the biggest MMORPGs out there if not the biggest. Not to mention I'm only gonna be able to think of gnomes as "time bandits" now XD Also attached is the original Leeroy Jenkins video which is STILL on of the best things on the internet.
Definitely some funny and true things in this trailer! In a stereotype kind of way, naturally :) I played WoW for years! I still miss it sometimes, though I no longer have enough time to make the subscription worthwhile. I actually am a very well-adjusted person who got closer to my now-husband while playing WoW together. EverQuest was definitely a phenomenon in its time! I remember it very well. You're right, @AgentCory, WoW did blow it out of the water - and the public eye.
Never really got into the WoW game, the idea of a monthly subscription was a total turnoff for me, I prefer AION because there are zero fees, anyway that was awesome though, honest trailers are so funny XD