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Gloves & Pucks From This Year

@NickCongelliere this is worn and torn lol. You could still read the Sector 9 logo on the pucks haha! My friend Bryce likes his sector pucks though. I hope no offense was taken in this, and apologize if it did. On a different note. This is what happens to your gloves when you used to have finger pucks. I don't like finger pucks at all, but that is just my opinion. They catch on stuff, and especially the thumb puck, and always fly off. I suggest trying out some Ojoom pucks. I love them, and know you guys will too! They are slick on nice pavement, but can be a little draggy on some gnarly pavement. I usually rub them together before a run to make it more slick if I'm feeling a lot of drag from the pucks. It is also great how long they last! I know a few guys that have them, like Conner Stanek, and they have had their Ojoom pucks for quite a while. So if you need new pucks, and all of you should eventually, go get some Ojoom pucks and a free sticker from them!
nice gloves
Thanks man. About time to stitch them up, and maybe re-enforce them eh? lol
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