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Please tell what you think of this board! (Just want to know:D) Hey guys, so timber boards is a small business from holland, it is awesome and the boards are really good quality. They recently made a new type of board called ' the flamingo ' It is the newest addition to the Timber Flock, the Flamingo is designed for dancing and due to its large kicks it's also pretty good for freestyle tricks. With its length of 132 cm and snappy flex the board is perfect for dancing on high speeds. It has very carefully designed wheel wells to reduce the chance if wheel bite to a minimum with a variety of wheels and trucks while still having a lot of wood to dance on. Order now on: or via facebook on Rider settup: Deck: Timber flexy Flamingo Wheels: Cloudride ozone Trucks: Randal 180 candy colour Bearings: Stoners Please like and comment")
I think I want one
That's a pretty cool deck kinda looks like the banghra with extra wide kick tails
Looks freaking raw
for a dancing board, the bigger the better. that thing looks like a flexible 2x4.. probably would be a beast for what it's meant for.
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