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Longboarding Like You've Never Seen Before

If you thought longboarding was all about cruising and bombing hills, then you haven't seen this guy from Taiwan. In episode 4, we follow Taiwanese longboarder 光光 freestyle and flow through the streets of downtown Taipei on a much needed lunch break during work. His style is fresh and shows us a different side to longboarding with his amazing and unique bag of tricks. Not only does he have the most fancy footwork we've seen on a longboard skateboard, he can flip, manual, slide, no comply and whatever else you can think of.
This song is gonna be my new jam! I really like his helmet, anyone know what kind is it?
Makes riding an art.
i also love the song in this video...kruisemode has some great songs to board with..if yall like listening to music while cruising deff check out some kruisemode chillsteps
@MichaelNieves Haha! well food is very important as well but deff invest on a helmet and soon
No matter how man times I watch this video, still amazes me.
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