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If you thought longboarding was all about cruising and bombing hills, then you haven't seen this guy from Taiwan. In episode 4, we follow Taiwanese longboarder 光光 freestyle and flow through the streets of downtown Taipei on a much needed lunch break during work. His style is fresh and shows us a different side to longboarding with his amazing and unique bag of tricks. Not only does he have the most fancy footwork we've seen on a longboard skateboard, he can flip, manual, slide, no comply and whatever else you can think of.
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@MichaelNieves i think it might be the Bern brand helmets..i checked out the website for the shop he promoting on his shirt in the vid and they showed some helmets that look similar to his by that brand...not entirely sure though..
@pangzoo10 Yea, I was able to find it on Amazon. I just don't know what size I am. I've never bought a helmet. I've managed to survive without one so far, I know should really invest in one though.
@MichaelNieves well u can search up guidelines on how to measure ur head for a fitted helmet..or u can do like i did and go to a local skate store like zumiez and try on helmets to see which size is more comfortable..i for one like to go try it no matter what my measurements are because its honestly personal preference how u want ur helmet to feel on ur head.
@pangzoo10 Theres like 3 longboard shops not too far from me and I go there pretty often. I pass by the helmets all the time, but then I convince myself that tacos or Chinese food is more necessary Than a helmet.
@MichaelNieves Haha! well food is very important as well but deff invest on a helmet and soon