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Heechul's Instagram update
kya~ I listened to 'At Gwanghwamun' in Japan.. As expected(,) Kimgyu's voice is delicious(the reason why i call Cho Kyuhyun 'kimgyu' is because when Kyuhyun first came(,) I didn't know his surname so I called him Kim Kyuhyun) this hyung's heart still aches whenever I listen to '7 years of love'(whenever that happens(,) this gunhee bastard will say" this bastard pretends that he can sympathize when he hasn't even dated a girl for 7 months before"..) anyway, our Kimgyu do your best on singing!! And will the next solo album be Ryeowook's (,)who is in charge of my meals?! Will it? Will it? SM?? Will you guys invest in Ryeowookkie's voice too??