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The things that scare me are the same things that define me Are the same things that help me continue on But this path becomes so lonley am I the only one That feels this way I ask myself the same questions everyday I try to help you understand but it doesn't matter what I say Cause you'll never understand me you'll never listen to me You'll never witness what I could be And it hurts to know you're the only one that won't see What I could've been I'm not the same person I used to be back then I'm a better person Yeah I've made mistakes but who doesn't and i live everyday like the world is about to end
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One day they'll want to understand, and they won't @Gilbert09 I think you convey the ideas @greggr and @hikaymm mentioned really well :)
Those that don't care to see what we can become, don't deserve to be part of it! @Gilbert09 This poem touches on that bitter realization of that fact; good work.
@Gilbert09 Interesting! I love the opening line: the things that scare us are the things that define us. I find this to be really true, because what I'm afraid of dictates my actions more than what I'm reaching for. Don't think you're alone, just other people take longer to get that point of though! The doubt expressed about the other person in this poem is nice