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So from what I can glean Maryhill is some sort of contest on who can ride a really short board really fast downhill am I right or wrong looking for more info
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Yeah well I didn't want it to be a picture less post so I just took a quick pic of my shortest board
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Maryhill is a course that doesn't require drifting if you have a short wheelbase, also there are a few races that will only let you race with a board under 30 inches
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Exactly^ so don't even bother showing up unless you have a Tech Deck
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lol imma put wheels on a ruler
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Sorry to say bro but that's more of a downhill board and as most people know you need a cruiser for Maryhill. If you're looking into a good place to buy a long board, try Walmart. They only have a few style boards but they're quality boards.
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