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Guys, we have a lot of pros here in the community who are ready for the trials of Maryhill. But I just want you guys to know that when I leave YOU ALL in the dust, that we are all winners in reality. This is my bad ass Beast of a Hill bombing, thane shredding, road ripping board. I even got an extra set of yellow wheels for when I flat spot my red Orangatangs during the competition. Good luck with getting second place guys ;)
@filirican Guess I gotta bring out the big guns. Time to whip out the heelys fresh out the box!
Haha! Thrill seeking for life dude! @MichaelNieves
@filirican When I first got a bicycle, one of the first things I tried to do is ride down stairs. It didn't end up so well and my mother refused to get anything with wheels on them. Then in middle school I saved up money and bought myself heelys. I got so many bruises and scars from it that she took it away from me, but I just bought me another pair. Then I got a longboard and it was the same thing. Eventually she just gave up. xD
@filirican me and my cousin during middle school used to be beast with our heelys!
Dude I would pay to see that! xD @MichaelNieves
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