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You should be broken into pieces, But you're not. You should be completely mental, But you're not. You should have given up by now, But you haven't. You should be terrified of death, Terrified to live, But you're fearless. You should be guarded from love, But you are open. You should be beaten down, But you stand strong. You build up your walls But you leave the doors open. For love, and for me, And for our life So that we can live free.
Thank you @WordDoctor :) I love the feedback on my pieces.
This poem has a very strong and triumphant feeling to it - it made me feel good reading it! Thanks for sharing, @KaitlynnJanae. Hope to see more in the future!
thank you @hikayumm. !!!!! the picture is the lady who this was written about.
I don't have any critiques for this (besides my confusion about the picture's relation to the poem, lol). Really nice piece of work. I enjoyed it a lot. @KaitlynnJanae
@KaitlynnJanae Oh, I see! Well, that makes more sense then :)