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Holy crap. I put Vaseline inside my bearings and my ride has never been so smooth.
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thick lube keeps shit out, zealous have thick lube, which is why you should never clean them^
3 years ago·Reply
Imma put Vaseline in my berings when I get home then @Jlukasik
3 years ago·Reply
LOL I was just explaining the principle of thicker lube. I personally wouldn't, but if you try it, get some Skanunu Bearing Lube and Cleaner just in case. (make sure its the lube AND cleaner), a few drops of it literally brings bearings back to life, while lubing them at the same time.
3 years ago·Reply
how fast do they go and wont it fuk the bearing
3 years ago·Reply
@TonyDeAnda idk. Everything is so flat where I am. It feels great and it's rolls just fine.
3 years ago·Reply