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This is a breakdown of why you have acne where you have it. I think when you look at your acne this way, it definitely gives you more tools to add into your daily life to combat in your on going war with acne. I try to target each area individually if I find that I’m beginning to notice more breakouts in one of the specified areas. ZONE 1 & 2 – DIGESTIVE SYSTEM – If you have frequent breakouts in this area it may mean that you need to drink more water and start eating more “whole” foods as well as get more sleep, try going to bed earlier and keeping yourself on a balanced sleep schedule. ZONE 3 – LIVER – Breakouts in this area could be from over consumption of alcohol and fatty foods like in Zone 1&2, try drinking more water and eating healthier. Cut out the greasy food, excess alcohol and get some exercise each day. ZONE 4 & 5 – KIDNEYS – Anything around your eyes, including dark circles is a sign of dehydration. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol. ZONE 6 – HEART – This could be from heightened blood pressure, get that checked out. Cut down on spicy foods and red meat and drink organic teas. If you don’t have any issues with blood pressure, check out your make up and make sure it’s not past it’s expiration date because our pores a very prone to clogging in this area. ZONE 7 & 8 – KIDNEYS – Again be sure to drink more water. You can also try to cut down on salty foods to solve problems in this area. ZONE 9 & 10 – RESPIRATORY SYSTEM – Fresh air and exercise can help keep these areas clear. Another major culprit could be dirty pillowcases! ZONE 11 & 12 – HORMONES – This is the main area that breakouts will pop up when your hormones are crazy. Drink more water, get enough sleep and eat some big ‘ol leafy greens to fight acne in this area. ZONE 13 – STOMACH – Drink some herbal tea, get more fiber in your diet. Exercise more regularly.
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I used to use proactiv and it was just so harsh on my skin. Now I use murad products and my skin has been very clear! It's pricey, but does work.
I've always needed special medicines to really keep my face clear @Heartofgold35 :/
Also taking at least 5 billion probiotics a day helps acne.
exactly what I needed
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