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Picture 1: The box has finally come!!! Picture 2: The opening of the box! (With survival knife) Picture 3: The padding being thrown all over the place! Picture 4: The Muirskate care package. Stickers, a skate tool, and a copy of Concrete Wave magazine! (Not shown) Picture 5: All the boxes contents piled on each other! (Concrete Wave is shown) Picture 6: A shot of the graphic, trucks, and wheels! (Either a cow or a deer as the graphic I can't tell my eyes are bad don't judge me)
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sweet how much u buy it for?
3 years ago·Reply
He won it during last month's giveaway @TonyDeAnda
3 years ago·Reply
oh well congrats @steezus
3 years ago·Reply
That's so rad. Glad to see it made it. Enjoy!
3 years ago·Reply
Oh sheet man.. awesome
3 years ago·Reply