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I love going fast but my reds bearings just arent sealing the deal. I NEED faster bearings. I have a sector9 board and I got the light up wheels cuz well they light up! My set up does not seem to be working how id hoped so im asking for yall's opinions on what would do me best! there are no wrong answers!!
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thank you very much cuz this is my first board and when I bought it I wanted to cruise but I didnt want to over jump my limits by getting the sickest looking and riding one.
may I ask what are these foot stops I keep hearing about? @Shulace
never buy something skate related based on appearance, but your bearings might be dirty, a cleaning and lubing may help. check out Skanunu Bearing Lube and Cleaner. footstops won't do much unless you're into fast downhill or standup slides. most of skating is the rider, not the gear.
Foot stops are these attachments you put on top of your board to have something to lock your feet on. You might want them if your concave on your board isn't enough, or just want something to push your feet against for more stability at serious speeds. I don't think you'll need them yet because you're just starting.
the light up wheels have that magnet in place of the spacer right? that and those bearings guaranteed aren't meant for speed. I'd say definitely new wheels maybe some Orangatang because of how long they last when you're sliding. Personally I'm not a fan of Gull Wing (trucks) but I'm sure they are fine for just starting out. Bushings would be another good thing to look into