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Coffee and dog power!! This is a morning ritual! This pup (Gypsy) pulls me at least 20mph on flat ground! Soooo fun! Tomorrow I'm gonna see how fast she really goes. She gets all excited and jumps around in front of me! Too awesome! This is at the Mississippi River in New Orleans! It's soooo flat here in NO, Gypsy makes things more exciting.
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Thanks! @BenKnopp "liquid courage" ^^@DakotaFalcon
3 years ago·Reply
This is awesome! I do this with my dog too! She loves it! My friends dog is a lot like yours in terms of speed and energy.. Its so fun! Nice board and cute dog!(:
3 years ago·Reply
My grey Vans are starting to look like that! Great shots!
3 years ago·Reply
Word! A pair of vans feel no love without holes to let the love in! XD those shoes are more comfortable now because of that! @drlizardo I know it's hard to believe vans slip on classics can get more comfy, but it's true!
3 years ago·Reply
oh i agree I bought a new pair cuz the others were worn down...rode the new pair long enough to feel it wasn't right... threw my skate way I'm riding my old pair and the new ones go everywhere else!
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