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Life looks to me like the old house I grew up in. Leaves coat the yard as the naked trees dance in the cool breeze. The ghostly white paint, chipping away from years of battling the elements. The blue tin roof gleaming off the star light almost looks untouched. It looks sad. But the inside is filled with joy and love And all the childhood memories I can think of, from good to bad. It's a bittersweet sight. But there's beauty looking at it from this road that goes on forever.
These houses never leave us: I think you gave us a good sense of the bits that have always stuck out to you (like the colors) but how they've changed now that you're looking back on it @wyatthaste
@hikaymm I think your comment might be nearly longer than @WyattHaste 's poem, and that says a lot about it's strength! Good work that inspires good thoughts.
I like reflecting on places that we left behind, and how we feel about them now, and I enjoyed your version of doing this @WyattHaste. The image of naked, dancing trees honestly made me giggle!! I don't think I'll ever look at bare trees the same again. I think this could be expanded to explore what memories it held more than just saying "childhood memories" as well! There's a lot of room for depth there.