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Someone once told me the key to finding a gf that boards is starbucks... notice the background with not a single chicka :'(
It's elementary guys! If you can pull up to her with a stand up slide perfectly, just hand her your phone with the Starbucks in the other hand. She's instantly gonna put her phone number without you saying a word!
You're doing it all wrong, you can't just have it on the floor of the store. No girl is going to reach to the floor to pick it when she could just reach out her hand and grab it from the fridge. You gotta roll the streets with the best pair of shades you got and smoothly roll to a girl on your board with it in your hand and be like "come her often ;)?"
All I saw was a lot of coffee. I'm in
Heres what you need: ugg boots, Instagram, fake glasses, pumpkin spice lattes and finally, leggings/yoga pants. This is how to catch the typical high school/college aged white girl. Good luck!
This conversation though... XD
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