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This keeps happening.

My boards grip tape keeps coming up near the trucks. I'm riding a Koston Talisman II, can't get a picture of the whole board due to the fact that in on the bus. I can take the screws out and lay it down again but it'll just happen again. Any advice on how to stop this?
Thanks for the helpful responses. I think I'm gonna cut off the grip tape at the trucks. I'll post a pic later. Cheers guys!
I had a similar problem with my bustin sportster. Eventually water started to get under and my grip tape began to come off. I just ended up removing it regriping the entire thing. Now for the edges near the truck, I cut it a bit farther away from the edge of the board. Then just take a nail filer and just smooth out the edges of the griptape so it's harder for it to peel off. That did the trick for me.
super glue to the rescue!
I would just cut off the grip at the trucks
You should definitely just cut it back a little away from the edge and the truck like @LohRiding recommended
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