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We'd like to announce Run @ Seoul's second runner, Syahmi Rashid. He recently graduated from the National University of Singapore and spends his time writing and producing his own music. Syahmi has worked with many musicians and singers to make hip hop & R&B tracks, as well as music soundtracks for short films in Singapore. He hopes that his trip to Seoul can help showcase Seoul to the world: "Through my eyes I hope I'll be able to show the world a unique side of Seoul previously unseen!" He is also participating in Run @ Seoul to inspire others to explore the world and exercise. Because of his love of fitness and travel he is, "now much more confident in speaking in public as well as making new friends and meeting new people from all walks of life!" Learn more about the runners and how you can participate on our official page:
ohhh he looks familiar go rashidd :-)
Congrats!! I hope he gets sent to a lot of musical things - there are so many street performers and concerts in Seoul!