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Just Curious
What my fellow longboaders ride!? What's your set up!? Where is your favorite place to ride? and who is your favorite person to ride with!? I ride a board I made with 70mm abec11 wheels and bear trucks. My favorite place to ride is Westcliffe Colorado, down main street at night with one of my best friends Sarah Groff. your turn!:)
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I ride my Sector 9 Faultline with 50° Gunmetal trucks, and Atom wheels. My favorite place to ride (I don't live there anymore) was a golf course that we lived next to in Lusby, Maryland, and my favorite person to ride with would have to be my bro @BenKnopp
I ride a 42" NeverSummer Tyrant with rasta Gullwings and 66mm 78a gravity wheels. My favorite place to ride is down any hill with @TylerGeorge :-*
my do all well setup is an omen fatty trud, 42° Randal baseplate and buck 180mm hangers, 87/90a venom freeride, seismic tektons, all the wheels favorite place is the secret hyperbolic chamber in so cal person to skate with anybody that rides
I ride a loaded Bhangra setup with Paris trucks and some ghetto cruising wheels. Also a NNNNEEEEWWWW Landyachtz switchblade thanks to @mikerosa92 setup with Paris trucks and muirskate wheels! Favorite place to ride has to be my whole town.