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Why am I so confused? I thought it was love but I'm just being used  leaving me hanging keeping you amused Guess I was wrong when I thought we were fused not physically hurting me but mentally bruised The feeling I once had now diffused Such strong love easily oozed? But I can't point fingers and have you accused  I turned the blind eye hoping not to be refused As my eyes grow wiser you will not be excused For I awoke my heart that shouldn't be misused!
@hikaymm That is indeed an accomplishment, but to think that poetry has to rhyme is naive. Still, a well placed rhyme is a great addition to a piece of writing.
@greggr I dont know, im pretty impressed that there are so many rhyming words!
The rhyming got to be a little much to me by the end, but I like your enthusiasm and passion. It's a very forward, real confession, and I applaud you for getting that point across so strongly!