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Love Is Blind

Why am I so confused? I thought it was love but I'm just being used  leaving me hanging keeping you amused Guess I was wrong when I thought we were fused not physically hurting me but mentally bruised The feeling I once had now diffused Such strong love easily oozed? But I can't point fingers and have you accused  I turned the blind eye hoping not to be refused As my eyes grow wiser you will not be excused For I awoke my heart that shouldn't be misused!
@hikaymm That is indeed an accomplishment, but to think that poetry has to rhyme is naive. Still, a well placed rhyme is a great addition to a piece of writing.
@greggr I dont know, im pretty impressed that there are so many rhyming words!
The rhyming got to be a little much to me by the end, but I like your enthusiasm and passion. It's a very forward, real confession, and I applaud you for getting that point across so strongly!
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{MM} Got the Blues? Devil on Your Back?
Happy Manga Monday, Nakama! Happy Monday to everyone! Personally I'm not a huge fan of Mondays. I don't really know anyone who is. Mondays have a way of dragging on, making you think the whole week is going to be all but interminable. Monday gives you the blues something fierce. If that's how you're also feeling on this most wretched of weekdays, then there's a perfect Manga for you to read. It's called: Me and The Devil Blues Me and the Devil Blues (or Ore to Akuma no Blues) is a manga all about American blues singer Robert Johnson, and the title is based directly off of one of his songs with the same name. Robert Johnson has been an inspiration to many musicians since his passing in 1938. His work has influenced many artists and genres over the years, and even his song 'Me and the Devil Blues' was covered again and agin by different artists (including The Doors). Since there isn't a whole lot of information about Robert Johnson's short life, this manga isn't truly a biographical story about him, more a fictitious retelling of what we know about his life. A big part of the mythos surrounding Johnson and his early death at age 27 is that he met the devil one night at a crossroads and made a deal with him. He would become a musician, a star, in exchange for his soul. The art style, the characterization, and the plot all come together very well in this manga. It has been periodically updated for the past 10 years, with the latest volume having been released in July 2015. It is an interesting take on a rough time in American history, with the Great depression hitting hard and the racism in the South as rampant as ever. Though, like so many stories about music, it's the blues that makes it all alright. Or does it?