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Tons of people already know how to wrap. On the other hand, tons of people are in over their heads. I've put together several snapshots into basic gift wrapping that will make you an expert with just a pair of sharp scissors and six tiny pieces of tape. Keep in mind, this tutorial is for professional "seamless" wrapping. Rules: 1. Never try to wrap a box/object with more or less than six sides. 2. Always finish gift with ribbon fully wrapped around the box and tied into a knot or bow. 3. Send this into the stratosphere by attaching an embellishment. Curious about embellishments? Ask away! Steps: 1. Eyeball 2/3 of paper across the shortest and most narrow side of the box. This is where the corners of paper will go later. 2. Cut out paper. Length should wrap around box, with about 1 inch of paper to spare. This extra paper will vary in length, depending on the size of the box. 3. Box MUST be placed upside down. Fold paper about 1 inch over the box and crease. 4. Tape in the center, leaving most of the tape on the paper and 1/4 of the tape edge on box. 5. Pull remaining paper over box tight and crease. 6. At crease, fold paper over and flatten fold. 7. Pull paper up to meet edge of box. The fold should meet the edge perfectly. Tape in the middle. 8. Notice how the paper seam runs along the actual edge of the box. Though it looks fanned apart, it will close and tighten at the corners later. 9. At each "open" side of the box, the method of folding is the same. Fold in the sides of the paper flat. This will create a top and bottom flap. 10. Crease the corner pieces to make them flat and crisp. 11. Fold over the first of the two pieces. Be sure that this first piece is the flap attached to the seam. Then fold over the other flap. 12. Where the second flap meets the first flap, form a fold and crease. This will eliminate a "point" and create a folded line where all the lines meet. Tape "point" and fold under so that tape is hidden under flap. 13. Don't fret if the tape unhinges slightly or the paper is slightly loose. This will seal and tighten once box is wrapped in ribbon and tied into a knot or bow. You are now equipped and ready to wrap gifts stress-free. If you're new at this, keep focused and don't over-think it. You'll be able to wrap gifts with your eyes closed in no time. Note: To use or not to use double-sided tape is entirely up to you. I chose to ignore it for this tutorial because most people only have standard tape on hand. This is about using what you have on hand while still being able to create an expertly wrapped gift. Thoughts? Questions? Requests? In my next tutorial I am going to show you how to use ribbon to finish the gift and tie it into both a knot and bow. Your homework is to investigate the use of embellishments in gift-wrapping.
I take pictures from magazines, posters, comic books, ect... There are times friends and fam would rather not open cause ya.. it's that cool ha.. that's is the only reason I wrap gifts otherwise I'm fine w giving it unwrapped... sad but true. . ha
I tape everything into a collage around the gift.. it's very cool ha. I kno om not the only that gas done this but I am the only one in my family so it's pretty awesome
@marshalledgar My favorite mom-wrapping tricks are curling ribbon with scissors (so fun!) and pleating the paper. Always looks sharp, even if you have paper and nothing else!
@marshalledgar - cool embellishment idea!! I never think to do that! The embellishment should be something the person can use too. Great thought! And makes the gift that much more special.
@sanityscout I remember growing up, my mom would scoff at those pre-made star bows, opting instead to spend both time and money on spooled ribbon. I love my mom. Hehehe
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