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Public Service Announcement: Wear Your Safety Gear!
Look some people think it's cool not to wear protective gear. No its not cool. Think about it. If you don't wear your gear and smack your head in the ground are you going to look cool as a vegetable? Does it look cool when the pavement peels the skin off your knees and elbows? no. Have fun, do crazy stuff, wipe out, but wear your safety gear! especially your helmet!
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She does have a nice butt tho:P
3 years ago·Reply
Haha hell yeah @tylergeorge gotta have a big booty!
3 years ago·Reply
@DiaCapistrano they make butt padded shorts
3 years ago·Reply
shes got her knee pads..but she sorta forgot some pants
3 years ago·Reply
@BlakeRuss right right? big booties make the world go round!
3 years ago·Reply
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